Karaoke USA Glossary of Terms

What is karaoke?

Karaoke is making anyone the singing star they’ve always wanted to become. In Karaoke, you can have the same music playing in the background from your favorite professional group, while you sing the lyrics. Don’t know the words? No problem. CDG, CDGM and DVD karaoke discs have lyrics that will display on your TV if played on a compatible player connected to your TV.

What are CD, CDG, CDGM and DVD karaoke discs?

What are MP3G and MP3.LRC karaoke downloads?

MP3G (MP3 plus Graphics) music is simply MP3 music with another accompanying graphics file containing lyrics. There are two files for every song and each file is named exactly the same, except for the file extensions which are MP3 and CDG respectively. When played on a computer or MP3G compatible karaoke player, the music and lyrics will be cued to play at the same time. Lyrics will display on your screen just like CDG discs.

MP3.LRC music makes use of MP3 music but with another accompanying text file. It follows the same principles as MP3G, but with a text file most anyone can edit or create with a little patience. The text file contains many lines of lyrics, with a timing cue for each line. When played on an MP3.LRC compatible player, if both files are present, it will cue and play them at the same time.

MP3G and MP3.LRC files are available for purchase and download on the internet.

What is a key controller?

Key controllers are used by serious singers who cannot reach the high or low keys of their favorite artists. Everyone's voice is a little different and will change as you age. The key controller will help you adjust your voice a little to make your singing experience a fun time.